As a business teacher, you know how vital it is to stay current with trends and issues in education, business, and technology.

Being a member of professional organizations, such as OBEA, WBEA, NBEA and ISBE, provides you with numerous professional development and networking opportunities. Our organizations offer ways in which to communicate with your colleagues—from the state, the region, and the nation—regarding those issues and trends in business and education.



Get Connected

Western Business Education Association (WBEA)

Western Business Education Association as an affiliate of the National Business Education Association seeks to share educational experiences that will prepare individuals to excel as consumers, workers, and citizens in our economic systems and understand the workings of and opportunities to excel as they function in our competitive global economy.

National Business Education Association (NBEA)

The National Business Education Association is the nation’s leading professional organization devoted exclusively to serving individuals and groups engaged in instruction, administration, research, and dissemination of information for and about business. NBEA is the leading association devoted to the recognition that business education competencies are essential for all individuals in today’s fast-changing society.

NBEA is committed to the advancement of the professional interest and competence of its members and provides programs and services that enhance members’ professional growth and development. Further, NBEA serves as a unifying agency among other groups dedicated to advancing and improving business education.

NBEA provides the vital link between the private and public sector. NBEA gives business educators an opportunity to stay on top of the changing skills required in today’s business world through its linkages with corporations and small businesses. In addition, NBEA’s Legislative Advocacy Committee keeps members involved with the ongoing national, state, and local efforts to further business education in our schools and communities.

International Society for Business Education (ISBE)

The International Society for Business Education’s mission is to form an interactive exchange network among individuals at the national and international levels to assist with the development of the globalization process as it applies to business education.